Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baanwara sa yeh man...

This post is dedicated to Chixy!~ The poem title is inspired from the Song Baanwaara Mann by Shri Swanand Kirkire. from the movie Hazaro Khwaishein Aisi.

He was an artist, by profession a designer and a creative person. Had been thru many ups and downs in life. At some point he met this beautiful angel fairy who always wanted to be his, but he somehow was in no position to accept her for life. Nevertheless, he wanted to be with the fairy till time permitted and wanted to give her the best he could. She made him fly high on the sky. And they rocked the city, with a no named relationship. A relationship so strong and so pure and so divine. It was something normal people could never understand. It was pure, with unconditional love and happiness. But one day the Fairy got annoyed with him. So badly that she couldnt take this idiots reasons anymore. She just couldnt take it and she fired back. He as usually had no answer. He was lost as always, speechless and restless. And this is wat he had to say!

Baanwara sa yeh mann!!!

baanwara sa yeh mann,
kaise samjhata,
khwaabon ki duniya mein
ek baanwara sa khwaab dekhne chala.

khwaab jo dekha,
toh bole yeh baanwara sa mann,
yeh khwaab na hai mera,
phir bhe laage aapna saa...

khwaab jo toota,
baanwara man bhi rootha,
woh khwaab na tha mera,
aise hi yeh man bas hain baanwaraa.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd November 2004 !

Beep beep... His cellphone constantly beeped with sms's asking to meet up asap. He wondered what had happend... he left for office and on his way met up with his friends to find out what it was. there was chaos in the entire group... "arey tere bike pe chale jao tum loog.. reach asap" someone yelled, "arey tu dekh mat, bike chalu kar, jaldi chal blood donation ke liye jaana hain" ... . Vroom as all the bikes zoomed on to the blood bank. On his way to the blood bank, vivek told him about the accident. A lady from his building had met with a major accident and needed blood. Vivek was making sure he informed everyone and took everyone along. 'arey bahut buraa huaa yaar, aunty is in a very bad state... Chances of survival are very less... Priyesh told him as they drove towards the blood bank. He reached the blood bank and they all rushed in. He called up his girlfriend... Well girlfriend was not the right term... Their relationship was almost in splits... Several reasons... memories of their first meet flashed by, it was just a few days back they met, met on the 31st of october... met for the first time... And it was a sweet memory to cherish... She answered the call...

He: hey dear, hows u... U at office?

She : yes, im at office, where are u?

He : i have come here to donate blood...

She : u please dont do it, im worried for you...

He : no babes, ill do it... I understand u worried about me, but relax, its for a cause... Ill be glad if i can help save someones life..

She : Uh, um.. Okay, take care.

He : i will... Ill call u once its done. Bye dear

She : bye.

Beep beep beep... The call got disconnected...

He looked up as the nurse asked, are you the next donor? He replied 'yes' come this way, the nurse said. He lied on a bed as the nurse collected blood he was a little scared but was glad he was helping for a good cause. A few minutes passed by and it was done... He stood up happily, he was done... Walked up to the bench and dialled her number...

He : hello, look its done...

She : oh... U are such an adamant guy, are u fine...

He : yes... ER..

Thud... The phone fell and got disconnected...

He went unconsious... He had visions of traveling through a deep blackhole and he was struggling to save himself from falling deep inside the blackhole. People gathered around... Some one splashed water as the nurse checked his pulse and tried to get him back to consiousness. A few minutes of struggling through the deep darkhole of maze, he opened his eyes. He popped for his cellphone... 'wheres my phone' i need to call her... She must be worried... Please call her and tell her im fine... prashant sat next to him and said here is ur phone... He asked him to call her and tell he was fine... Prashant called her and told about it... He was restless... Soon after a minute he dialled her number and spoke wid her... Told her he was allright as she scolded him for not listening to her... That small moment made him realise, it was really difficult to live without her... And the difficult time was about to begin!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

La La La La ... LAMBA - AH Prawns...

Its been a crazy week with loads of work happening. Hectic But fun. In all this zip-zap-zoom I somehow got some time on friday evening to have dinner with a friend at Chembur. We were wondering where to go, and then landed up at Lamba! Yes a famous food joint, umm yea A Dhaba! in Chembur very well known and known best for its Prawns speciality. 

Lamba serves authentic Punjabi cuisine and a heaven for Non Veggie freaks like me. Lamba serves awesome chiken tikkas, mutton delicacies and loads of amazing stuff. Its known best for its Prawns Speciality! Prawns fry, Prawns Biryani and a few more prawn delicacies is something that will make you go crazy.

We wanted to have a no-so-heavy dinner so we stared off with Prawns Fry, a super mouth watering delicacy which will drive you crazy just with the aroma of the Prawns, you think about it and the aroma just lingers around in your mind. The best part about the prawns and all the food here, specially about the prawns is that the prawns are fresh. Prawns if not served fresh do not have the taste, and can also have a little foul smell. But here at Lamba, I can guarantee you the BEST of prawns, and yes they are average good sized prawns and its fun havin them.

The next dish we ordered was Prawns Biryani, whoa again the exotic aroma and taste blended with tiger prawns leaves you speechless. The Biryani rice flavoured with the prawns masala is a perfect combination and is the most divine delicacy one can relish. The Biryani has big tiger prawns which makes it even more interesting. Did not waste a single minute taking any pic of the biryani... just had it all!

The service is good, they also have a seperate Bar Area where they serve alcohol.

I have been here a couple of times and have always liked the food here. More than the food its the attitude of the people which I liked. We were sitting outside in front of the tandoor area, I could observe the Manager who was packing and getting the orders ready, he was precise and perfect. I saw him rejecting an order since it was not made properly, it was a parcel order and he noticed that the chicken was not cooked well, I saw him taking the serving back to the cook and telling him it was not made well and asked him to make it again. Also while he served the orders, he was making sure everything was perfect. Really liked their attention to detail and this is how they have made a great name for themselves. I would recommend Lamba to all my friends. A place for having amazing food! Priced well the food here is really worth the money you pay! I am already planning my next dinner as I finish writing this post!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Favourite Food Hangouts

Hello, im back to my desk after an awesome dinner! and yes I am gonna brag about it. Well no im not gonna brag about me having an awesome dinner, but about the place where I got the dinner from! Yes Im talkin about FOOD! after a much awaited break, I got back hunting to my Favourite Food Hangouts. Today I am gonna share one of my Favourite place - Sadichha.

Yes its Bandra with one of its best Landmarks! Sadichha

Sadichha is an authentic Malwani / Konkani food place. And is famous for Seafood specialties as well as chicken sukkha and mutton sukka delicacies. In short its a perfect place for Non-Vegetarians like me :) yea thats a big wide grin!

The food here consists of authentic Malwani food! yes its 100% marathi coastal food! And its fun.

We have been to Sadichha several times and that helps me write about most of the food that I have tasted here. Cos you just cant have it all at one go, they have an awesome variety.

To begin with I would like to tell you about the starters, well starters would not be the right word, cos this term does not exist in Marathi food. Anways, to start of with I would recommend the Prawns Koliwada Fry or Jawla Fry (Yes thats the correct spelling of Jawla). The prawns here are real good with the spicy masala which ignites you to taste more of the food here.

Sadichha serves very good Fish Delicacies, So if you are going to start, id suggest you some Halwa Fry and Surmai Masala. Well if you choose chicken/mutton, then you can opt the Chicken/Mutton Sukkha. The sukkha chicken/mutton is to die for. Shimply masala or Tisrya masala, known commonly as shellfish is a treat out here. They also serve authentic kolhapuri chicken known as kolhapuri kombdi. If you are a crab fan, then Khekda masala is the dish for you. Crabs with authentic coastal preparation is a dish you need to have with both your hands digged in the place to break open the crab and enjoy the crab flesh with the mouth watering masala.

Fish delicacies like Surmai Masala, Pomfret Masala, Stuff Pomfrets with Solkadi is a bliss! I am sure by now you must be all desperate to have some real good fish. ALl these heavenly delicacies can be enjoyed with Bhakri, Chapati and the chicken can also be enjoyed with Kombadi wade. Yes the food out here is to die for, so what are you waiting for? Go try it all out there! Here is the traditional board which had all the items and specials of the day! Enjoy!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

school chale hum

June july begins with schools, new text books, notebooks, pens, pencil boxes, uniforms, raincoats... Everything thats related to school. Fun isnt it, goin to school with all your friends wearing new uniforms and carrying new school bags, specially with kids... Kids who are just starting up with their KG classes. For them school is a new world, a world which they have dreamt of...wanting to go to school.wanting to begin a new chapter, the best chapter. But hold on, what about those kids who are not lucky to get admission? Specially if they dont have any references or contacts and not even the capacity to grease the palms of some corrupt politicians and get through with the admissions. Yes, there are people, who have to struggle very hard so they can see their little wonder entering the school of his/her dreams. And here im not talking about any modern school admission. Im talkin about admission in a regular school. I came across such a situation when I saw a friend of mine struggling to help someone get admission for their kid. Now my friend, she isnt any journalist or social worker or any influential person. She is a student of TYBMM. And she was all running for the last two months just to make sure her neighbours kid gets admission in a decent school. The same kid whom she offers tutions free of cost. Yes free of cost without any conditions apply tag, just because his parents cant afford. I proudly congratulate my friend Preeti for having successfully helped the little kid getting in his dream school. Yes I am feeling very proud today when I see her successfull with the admission part. Preeti had to undergo a lot of ups and downs in this entire process. It was the same school she had passed out from and she thought maybe it wont be much of a problem. But it was not an easy affair... The grind had begun. They refused admission for whatever reasons... The running around had started. She tried if thru friends including me, if there were any contacts through where she could get the admission. But all in vain. I didnt have much political or any influential contacts which I could go through, I really felt helpless since there was nothing I could do other than moral support. I saw a girl running around, helping someone to make their child's future... And i was helpless... But preeti was not amongst someone who could give in so easlily. She struggled her way through all these days and finally got a source through another good friend of her who could get the admission done...that friend through his collegue got them through with the admission process. The best part is he didnt charge money or donation...he asked them to get a Life insurance policy to be taken for the kid, which in would be beneficial for the kid. Preeti's efforts helped the kid get admission in one of the decent reputed school. Kudos to preeti! I Congratulate her once again. Babes you have made all of us proud and taught us to be selfless and do our little bit for the needy. Once again... Three Cheers to Preeti! May you always be successfull in all walks of life.